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Shrink Wrapping Systems

Shrink Wrapping is used to pack the product in a film to either protect the product from outside environment or to increase the aesthetic value of the product. Vibgyor Technoplus has specialized in providing best in class shrink wrapping systems tailored to suit the customer’s requirement. Our shrink wrapping systems are built with the best in class materials and components available to offer a long life span, superior performance, durability and reliability.

Application Areas

Food and Beverage, Automotive Industry, Consumer Durable, Pharmaceuticals, Stationery Items, Electronic Industry etc

Shrink Tunnels With L-Sealer

MANUAL L SEALER WITH SHRINK TUNNEL This is the most basic version of L Sealer where the operator presses the hood of the sealer to seal the product in the film and then places the sealed product on the shrink tunnel. These L –Sealers are suitable for films like Poly Olefin, LDPE , PVC etc.


  • Available in different sealing sizes
  • Temperature Controlled
  • PTFE-coated (teflon) temperature resistant fabric designed to last longer which reduces costs of regular maintenance
  • Adjustable Platform for easy operation
  • Can be integrated to the existing shrink tunnel

Semi Auto L-Sealer With Shrink Tunnels


  • Pneumatically controlled operation which saves time
  • Electronically controlled electro-magnet assisted sealing time;
  • Automatic transfer of the product into shrinking tunnel
  • Optional installation of winding of scrap film;
  • Easy and quick change of film rolls

Automatic L Sealer With Shrink Tunnel

This automatic L-Bar Sealer with Shrink Tunnel System uses infeed conveyor transfer system together with a synchronized film advance unit to transport the product to the sealing area where the sealing happens automatically and then product is transferred to the shrink tunnel. The machine is capable of speeds 25-75 packages per minute - depending on package size and configuration of product.


  • Conveyor closing system included
  • Motorized center seal system
  • Heavy Duty Sealing Knife for best results
  • PTFE-coated sealing blade
  • Emergency button
  • Safety device
  • Continuous cycle sealing
  • PLC Controlled
  • Reduced Power Consumption

Shrink Sleeve Applicator with Shrink Tunnels

Vibgyor Technoplus provides best in class energy efficient inline shrink wrapping systems for various Industries. From beverage industry to chemical industry , from automotive to consumer durables, we have shrink wrapping solutions for every industry. Our systems can be semi automatic which involves a pneumatic cylinder to push product in sealer or fully automatic system with in-feed conveyor. Our all products are equipped with certified electrical and electronic components.


  • PLC controlled operation
  • HMI for easy fault detection and ease of operation
  • Available in MS powder Coated Structure or SS 304 Food Grade
  • PID Digital Temperature Control for shrink tunnel and sealing jaws
  • Cooling Zone at exit for best finish
  • Fully Guarded covers and Safety Photoelectric Interlocks to ensure operator safety
  • VFD controlled conveyors to suits production line requirement