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Induction Sealing Solution In Collaboration With Enercon

Why Use Induction Cap Sealing?

Induction cap sealing is recognized around the world as a highly effective packaging technology to provide tamper evidence, preserve freshness and prevent leaks. Induction sealers are a popular choice for both large and small packaging operations as they require little floor space and are remarkably easy to use. Best of all, induction sealed packages deliver your product to consumers the way you expect it – hermetically sealed. No leaks, No pilferage. Safe and secure.

Induction Sealing Benefits

  • Provide Tamper Evidence
  • Prevent Leaks
  • Preserve Freshness
  • Extend Shelf Life
  • Deter Pilferage
  • Reduce Pack Weight

Technology Used

Today’s air-cooled systems are more efficient, more reliable and have greater sealing capabilities from a smaller footprint then their water cooled predecessors. It’s no wonder packagers around the world have replaced their old water cooled systems with maintenance free air cooled technology.The chart below provides a head-to-head comparison of systems with the old water cooled design and systems with the contemporary air cooled design.

Technical Specification

Technology Comparison Old Water Cooled Technology Current Air Cooled Technology
Speed rating High Speed High Speed
Footprint Large Compact
Water Recirculator Required Not Needed
Replacement Parts Many Few
Maintenance Intensive Rare
Energy Consumption High Low
Operating Costs High Low

Nercon Asia Pacific offers three induction cap sealing machines to meet the needs of today’s packagers. The Super Seal Versa is a versatile cap sealer designed for manual sealing for low production volumes and laboratory applications. Its ability to seal a wide variety of containers with a fast duty cycle make this system a reliable workhorse. Enercon’s Super Seal™ series of cap sealers is the world’s leading induction cap sealer design. Their well proven air cooled design is ideal for companies wanting high speed cap sealing with exceptional reliability.

Product Overview Super Seal™ Versa Super Seal™ Versa Jr Super Seal™ Alpha Super Seal™ Supra Super Seal™ Ultra
Speed rating* Manual Manual Up to 20 fpm Up to 60 fpm Ultra High Speed
Air Cooled
Microprocessor control
Self protective circuitry
Soft start prevents surges
Stainless steel enclosure Optional Optional Optional
Virtually no maintenance
Safe for wash down environments
Remote control start/stop Optional Optional Optional
Inspection/rejection Optional Optional Optional
Flashing light Optional Optional Optional