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Metal Detector Systems

Industrial Metal detectors are primarily used for the purpose of consumer protection. Despite maximum care metallic contaminations of food products during the production process cannot be fully excluded. Metal particles that enter the product during the production process or already are contained in the raw material may cause serious injuries of consumers. The consequences for the producing company are numerous and serious and include compensation claims and expensive recalls. Even bigger and longer-lasting damage is caused by the negative brand image and the loss of consumer trust caused by impure food products.

A metal detector for the food industry can help ensure the safety and integrity of a wide range of unpackaged, packaged or bulk goods, by identifying metal contaminants during processing or packaging and helping to ensure that they do not enter food that we eat. We design metal detectors for several industries like rice, wheat, bread, bakery, pastes, granular products, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, meat industry etc

Our Range Includes

  • Metal Detector With Indeed and Outfied Conveyor for Pouches/Packets WITH INFEED AND OUTFEED CONVEYORS FOR POUCHES/PACKETS
  • Gravity Feed Metal Detector
  • Pipeline Metal Detectors